Steam Equipments

Involved in manufacturing, designing, distribution & development of high quality and precise Steam And Water Analysis System, Gas Sampling Systems, Chillers, Sample coolers, Pressure reducers, Shelters, Rectifier Cooling Systems.



The sample cooler is a compact unit, specially designed in accordance with ASME SEC-VIII, Div-1 & ASME PTC-19.11 to handle high pressure & High temperature applications. These coolers as designed for counter flow cooling to achieve very close temperature approach of the sample to coolant. These cooler as made up of double helix coil which meets ASTM D1192 requirements, fitted with a baffle for maximum efficiency. The shell is mounted through flanged connections and it can be removed without disturbing sample lines.


Thermal Shut Off Valves

This valve is installed in the down stream of sampling systems/heat exchanger.
The valve responds only to temperature. Under the normal operation the valve is fully open. If the sample temperature increases within the operating temperature (120ºF),  The thermal actuator modulates the valve to close the inlet orifice. The valve automatically opens as the thermal actuator cools. 

The heart of this valve is a solid to liquid phase change thermal actuator. The actuator contains Thermoloid® compound which changes phase from solid to a liquid as the temperature increases. As phase change occurs the volumes of Thermoloid® material changes significantly with the liquid volume greater than the solid volume. Since Thermoloid® is essentially incompressible under normal operating loads & it is sealed into  a rigid actuator housing, only piston can move and extend as the volume increases. This motion is used to open or close the valve.



Back pressure regulator  

Designed for gas or liquid service to control the inlet pressure. It is used to maintain the constant pressure in sampling system or act in a relief valve capacity.

These BPRV are used in Steam & Water Analysis Systems, Instrumentation systems, etc.



Rotameters Flow Meter - 2000 Series Variable Area Purge Meters  

2000 series variable area purge meters use a tapered borosilicate glass tube with a fine threaded regulating valve for precise flow adjustment. Various flow tube lengths such as 100 mm, 150 mm and 300 mm are available. It's compact construction with reduced dimensions facilitates easy installation and mounting on control panels. 


High pressure sample filter 

High pressure sample filter is used to trap the particles upto 40 Microns and may reduce plugging of the sampling lines.

These Filters are used in Steam & Water Analysis Systems, Instrumentation systems, to avoid chocking of the sampling lines. This filter comes with online cleaning arrangement with optional blowdown port.