Photometric analyzers for liquid and gas-processing applications


  • Optek has focused on the development and support of high-performance inline photometric analyzers for liquid and gas-processing applications. optek has developed a complete line of turbidity meters, colorimeters, UV absorption, and pH and conductivity sensors that are installed in some of the roughest process conditions, in plants all over the world.
  • In today's refinery, improving process efficiency and product quality is critical. So is reducing environmental emissions, maintenance costs and downtime. optek helps to achieve these goals by providing unique, low-maintenance instrumentation, innovative methods and on-site assistance.
  • Where accuracy is critical, or where high pressures, high temperatures or sensitive processing environments make sampling impractical or impossible, optek inline photometric analyzers are ideal for monitoring inline processes. 
  • Optek photometers provide real time control at critical points to assure product quality, maximize yield, minimize product loss, detect contaminants or prevent excessive discharge to waste treatment facilities. 
  • Optek process photometers are engineered for tough industrial processes including Class I Division 1 Hazardous Area installations. optek instruments are designed for temperatures up to 500°F and pressures up to 7,250 psig.
  • Optek inline photometric analyzers are based on the interaction of light with process fluids or gases. This interaction can be measured with great exactness, as described by the Lambert-Beer Law.

Because of their accuracy and robustness, inline, photometric instruments are able to provide precise, real-time process stream analyses when installed at strategic locations in pipelines, reactors, tanks and vessels. 


Photometry is ideal for a wide variety of process applications

  • Turbidity
  • Suspended solids
  • Concentration
  • Trace contaminants
  • Interface detection
  • Color
  • Filter control
  • Separator control
  • Oil in water
  • water in oil
  • ClO2, S02
  • TOC
  • BOD reduction
  • And many more...




Concentration, Color, Turbidity, UV-Absorption and  pH & Conductivity